adminComment(0) Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. The association between the image of an ax and the topic of Linux servers is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. While every precaution has been taken in . Allen, David. Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity / David Allen anything fall through the cracks. Hacking Exposed Linux, 3rd Edition.

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ebooks. Contribute to manishjinx/ebooks-2 development by creating an account on GitHub. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Linux Server Hacks is a collection of industrial-strength hacks, providing tips and tools that solve practical problems for Linux system administrators.

Throughout the years, I read many of them to analyze their teachings.

The more I read these books, the more I realized that they were missing a lot of demonstrations for the reader. Even when some of these examples were presented in the book, they were not broken in a step-by-step formation.

The Hacker Highschool Project is a learning tool and as with any learning tool, there are dangers. Some lessons, if abused, may result in physical injury. Some additional dangers may also exist where there is not enough research on the possible effects of emanations from particular technologies.

Students using these lessons should be supervised yet encouraged to learn, try, and do. What kind of secrets are included in Web Site Secrets? Or special commands that help you get even more out of the site than you could before.


Cool stuff like that—and more. Automated Credit Card Fraud. This first of three volumes is a technical introduction to the basics of writing computer viruses.

It discusses what a virus is, and how it does its job, going into the major functional components of the virus, step by step. Several different types of viruses are developed from the ground up, giving the reader practical how-to information for writing viruses. Download Now Computer Viruses, Hacking and Malware attacks for Dummies.

Index of /pdf/Gentoomen Library/Operating Systems/Linux/

You can use the Table of Contents to find the area of immediate interest. Or, you can look at the Index to find a particular word or concept. Feel free to just skip around until you find the information you seek. This document is for people who want to learn to the how and why of password cracking.

I do my best to provide step by step instructions along with the reasons for doing it this way.

Other times I will point to a particular website where you find the information. In some cases source code is available but the original developers who created it are unavailable. Francisco Amato.

It works with modules, each module implements the structure needed to emulate a false update of the specific application. This Ebook is a bit deviant, but you can use the skills learned from it to do many other useful tasks.

The creators of Airpwn used their ingenious little tool to replace images in web pages that conference attendees surfed to with the Goatse image. Airpwn can be a bit difficult to configure, compile and run, but I figured I could do much the same thing with an Ettercap filter. Metasploit Toolkit — Syngress.

Oracle is a powerful database and there are many possibilities to implement database rootkits in Oracle. The last part of that exchange uses the QuickUp protocol.

Malicious software, or malware, plays a part in most computer intrusion and security incidents. Any software that does something that causes harm to a user, computer, or network can be considered malware, including viruses, trojan horses, worms, rootkits, scareware, and spyware.

Reverse Engineering for Beginners. To understand what stack buffers are we must first understand how a process is organized in memory.

Processes are divided into three regions: Text, Data, and Stack. We will concentrate on the stack region, but first, a small overview of the other regions is in order.

Some tools have the ability to detect and prevent such attacks. We are not going to target any victim. PHP comes with two functions that can be used to execute Linux commands. Linux is open source, and the source code can be obtained by anyone. This makes it easy to spot the vulnerabilities.

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Basic and networking commands are valuable to Linux hackers. Vulnerabilities are a weakness that can be exploited to compromise a system.

A good security can help to protect a system from been compromised by an attacker. Linux Server Security: Hack and Defend presents a detailed guide for experienced admins, aspiring hackers and other IT professionals seeking a more advanced understanding of Linux security. Written by a year veteran of Linux server deployment this book provides the insight of experience along with highly practical instruction.

The topics range from the theory of past, current, and future attacks, to the mitigation of a variety of online attacks, all the way to empowering you to perform numerous malicious attacks yourself in the hope that you will learn how to defend against them.

The techniques presented apply to almost all Linux distributions including the many Debian and Red Hat derivatives and some other Unix-type systems.

Our Most Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution, Ever.

Further your career with this intriguing, deeply insightful, must-have technical book. Diverse, broadly-applicable and hands-on practical, Linux Server Security: Hack and Defend is an essential resource which will sit proudly on any techie's bookshelf.I like your writing style.

April 26, Great job here. This book contains details on how to perform attacks against web applications using Python scripts.

I've read a few chapters now and, lets get to the point: I don't like this book.

The book deals straightway to the topics essential for sysadmins.